Documentation Project

Infocom was one of several companies producing Interactive Fiction (or "IF" in short), also known as "text adventures" between 1979 and 1989. For many fans of IF, Infocom is still the best of those companies by far.

Sadly, Infocom is no longer around, but the games continue to exist thanks to the company that took them over, Activision, Inc. Activision continued to sell the games in several different compilations, including The Masterpieces of Infocom and, most recently, a downloadable version.

However, many of these compilations came with low-quality paper-only manuals, and some came without any documentation at all, making it hard for users - and especially blind users - to play any of the games.

With the permission of Activision, Inc., this project strives to recreate the Infocom manuals as close to their original form as possible, providing complete documentation for each game. At the same time, the documents are being created in a special blind-friendly format, containing all the text in a single column.

While the recreation of the manuals is still underways, the hints Infocom used to provide for their games are already available in digital form; and so are the "newsletters" which advertised their products and provided the players with background information, trivia and contests.

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