Mach 9 Poker

Mach 9 Poker provides simulated poker tournaments to help you improve your game. You create the rules on how you want your poker sim to play in a standard Texas Hold'em tournament, set up the tournament parameters, and click GO!

The tournament plays in seconds and provides instant feedback on every hand your sim played, including when you busted or if you won. You can even replay any of the hands in the tournament.

Our custom-made automated sims are the backbone of each tournament and we've developed a mix of capabilities in each one of them. Some of them might even beat you heads up live!

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Best features

Easy To Use

The Mach 9 Poker app allow anyone to easily develop their own automated poker simulation, even if they're just learning.


The Mach 9 Poker app will be natively available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


eSports are here and the next big landscape for it is automated competitions run by people, similar to the move Real Steel. Mach 9 Poker is carving out poker as the first step into this brave new world.

How it works


Develop Your Poker Sim

Add your rules for how your poker sim should play in various scenarios and test the results in automated poker tournaments that run in seconds.


Test Your Poker Sim

Run automated tournaments against our custom-made poker sims, review your results, and make adjustments.


Pit Your Poker Experience against Ours

We've developed multiple levels of poker sims to play in tournaments against your poker sim. Some of our sims may even beat you in a live poker match! It's all to teach you how to improve your game.


Teach, Learn, Have Fun

Have fun learning poker mechanics, teach others through social networking within our app, and have fun.

Current Phase of Development

Mach 9 Poker is still in development, including the rules engine. tournament runner, and the user experience design.

About us

David Cornelson

Founder. David has worked in technology for over 30 years, having consulted in Fortune 100 companies across many industries. This is his third attempt at a digital startup. The first was Textfyre, an education-technology concept to replace 4th-8th grade textbooks with a platform based on interactive fiction. The second was Wizely, an attempt to add context to web search.

David May

David May is a successful entrepreneur in Chicago and an adviser to Textfyre, Wizely, and now Mach 9 Poker.

Chris Cavanaugh

Chris is an app developer helping Mach 9 Poker design and build our first offering.